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Frequently Asked Questions about Ocat Online Advertising System (FAQ)

1.What is Content Marketing System?

An Content Marketing system  is a method of centralized channel distribution used primarily by SaaS products. It combines a content management system (CMS) with data centralization and syndication across the web, mobile, scannable surface, and social channels.

Ocat System can be used to create Online Advertising & Content Marketing Site of a Business. Online Advertisements  ( Banner Ads with Landing Pages) will be distributed through Search engines, Social Media, Content Marketing Website, Referral Networks, Ocat Marketing Portals & Web Directories

2. What is Ocat?
Ocat is a SaaS-based Content Marketing System that helps brands to create, Distribute and manage Ads across multiple Platforms like Ocat  Marketing Portals, Web Directory, Search Engines & Social Media.


3. What is the Ocat Online Catalog?
Ocat Online Catalog is a Collection of Online Advertisements (Banner Ads with Landing Pages) of a Business. Online Ads will be distributed through Ocat Marketing Portals, Web Directory, Social Media, Search engines and Ocat Referral Networks.

4. Who can use the Ocat Advertising & Content Marketing System?
Even those who do not have technical knowledge in Digital marketing can implement Online Marketing using the Ocat System. Simple training and guidance on how to start an Ocat Account and guidance are available through Ocat System Providers.


5. What is meant by Online Marketing through OCAT‌?
It’s a continuous process of creating and distributing the ads related to a business through search engines, Content Marketing Site, Referral Networks, Marketing Portals, Web Directory and social media.

Business-related information is regularly published as Banner Ads with Landing Pages using the Ocat. Online advertisements (Banner Ads with Landing Pages) will be optimized for search engines. Moreover any specific ads can be promoted through social media paid campaigns to achieve more reach.


6. Why should a business use Ocat ?
Ocat is a cost-effective Digital Marketing System to promote Business related advertisements in a systematic method. Ocat Online Advertising System offers various tools like Online Advertising & Content Marketing Site, Marketing Portals, Online Catalog,  Search engine Optimization, Social Media Share links, Referral networks & vCards.


7. Is it possible to get more visitors to the website using the Ocat‌ Online Advertising System?
Yes, Incorporating a business website link into different online ads can help you to gain more visitors and enhance the authenticity of the ads. It is also possible to create the required backlinks to improve the visibility of the web page in search engines.


8. Can Advertising & Content Marketing site be used as a website?
Yes, if you do not have any other website, you can use Advertising & Content Marketing Website as your business website by adding required pages through Ocat.

9. Can Entrepreneurs publish new Online Advertisement In the Ocat?
Entrepreneurs can creates online advertisements based on services and products.  Entrepreneurs can publish unlimited advertisements.

10. Is it possible to publish an article in Ocat Advertising System?
The required article can be published and distributed in your Content Marketing Website.


11. How does Business Content reach people?
Business-related Online Advertisements will be distributed through Search engines, Ocat Marketing Portals, Web Directories, Referral Networks and social media.


12. What are the benefits to a company of using the Ocat‌?
It helps to increase sales by making information about a business available to the people in the area where it is intended to be marketed as online advertisements.

An online Catalog is an index of a group of business-related ads, which is distributed through Content Marketing Platform.

Organic Google Search can include Online advertisements free of charge according to keywords of interest.

Advertisements can be used as Online posts on social media (Social Media Share Links) like Facebook.

Distributes the online Catalog free of charge through Referral Network.


13. Is SSL Security used in Ocat Based advertising & Content Marketing Site ?
Yes, SSL Security is used for all ads in the online advertising & Content Marketing Site of a business.


14. Is the Ocat Online Advertising System Report Available? If so, what information is included?

Yes, Ocat Live Report or Online  Status is included in the footer of all online Advertisements, which contains detailed information like,
Number of visitors in flyer  associated with the online Marketing Channel
List of ads in the online Catalog
Number of visitors per ad.
Web page addresses and viewers of different companies to which the Catalog is distributed
Local web directories where the online Advertisements are distributed and the number of visitors to them
Article links published on the Catalog & number of visitors.



Content Marketing System

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