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Ocat Digital Marketing System


Ocat is a cost-effective Digital Marketing System that helps to publish your business-related Online Advertisements through multiple tools like Virtual Card, Online Catalog, Online Marketing Channel, Content Marketing Platform, Search Engine Optimization,  Social Media Share Links & Referral Networks.

Ocat DMS is a SaaS-based Digital Marketing System that helps brands to create, Distribute and manage Content across multiple Platforms like Ocat Content Marketing Platform, Search Engines & Social Media.


A Digital Marketing System (DMS) is a method of centralized channel distribution used primarily by SaaS products. It combines a content management system (CMS) with data centralization and syndication across the web, mobile, scannable surface, and social channels.





Features of Ocat Digital Marketing System

Catalog Integrated Website
Ocat Digital Marketing System offers Catalog Integrated Website for Digital Marketing services. Online Flyer & Online Catalog will be launched as part of this Website.


Ocat Virtual Business Cards (vCards) 
A vCard is an electronic business (or personal) card and also the name of an industry specification for the kind of communication exchange that is done on business or personal cards. Ocat Content Marketing System helps to create free Vcard which will be distributed through Ocat free advertisements. Ocat vCard holder will help us to store others business cards for future use. more about Ocat vCard



Ocat Online Advertisements
Ocat Content Marketing System allows publishing your Business content as Online Advertisements. It will be optimized for Search Engines, Local Search & Social Media. More about Ocat Free Advertisements

Online Marketing Channel
Online Marketing Channel is a structured wiki- and web page-creation tool included as part of the Ocat Digital Marketing System by Ocat. You don't need to have any background in web development or coding to make a marketing Channel using Ocat DMS.  You can add images, links, YouTube videos and more to your Marketing Channel using simple template. Online Marketing Channel is optimized for Search Engines.  

Ocat Content Marketing Platform
Content will be distributed through Ocat Content Marketing Platform. Ocat CMP will be optimised for multiple Search Engines. Local search optimization can be easily performed with Ocat Marketing Platform. 

Online Catalog
An online Catalog is a great way to attract new customers and promote successful sales from returning customers.  Ocat Online Catalog will be distributed through Ocat Marketing portals, Ocat referral sites,  Local Web Directories, Search Engines & Social Media. More about Online Catalog


Referral Networks
An Ocat referral network is a group of businesses that work together to help their customers. An Ocat referral network typically consists of businesses in related fields that don’t directly complete but instead complement each other's products or services. More Referral Networks More about Ocat Referral Network

Search Engine Optimization
It can be hard for a small business to find its footing in the world of content marketing at first, with so much choice and competition for audiences on the internet. That's why deploying the right tools to execute your content marketing strategy is a must. Ocat Content Marketing System offers multiple tools to implement Search engine Optimization. More details of Ocat SEO


Social Media Share Link
A social media share link is a URL that when clicked populates a set message and image that can be shared on social media. They are useful for amplifying your message and minimizing the time it takes someone to compose a social media message about your content. More about Ocat Social Media Share Link

Ocat Digital Marketing Report 
A content marketing report is a way that you can analyse various metrics that show how your content is performing. More details of Ocat Digital Marketing Report



A catalog is a container that holds information about the items you want to advertise or sell across Facebook, Search Engines, Ocat Referral network, Content marketing Platform and Web Directory.


Ocat Online Catalog is a Collection of Online Ads of a Business Which will be distributed through Ocat Content Marketing Platform, Web Directory, Social Media, Search engines and Ocat Referral Networks. Online Catalog will be created in a Catalog Integrated website using Ocat Digital Marketing System.






Ocat Virtual Business Cards (vCards)
Ocat Content Marketing Platform

Content marketing platforms creates a scalable, multichannel and data-driven approach to strategizing, producing, distributing and analyzing marketing materials from various Online Marketing Channels.

Catalog Integrated Website Development Link
Ocat Online Catalog - The right way to talk about your business

Ocat Digital Marketing System enables the creation and promotion of the Catalog Integrated Website of a business.

Ocat Referral Networks
Ocat Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Share Links
Ocat Digital Marketing Report
Ocat Solution Provider Program in 7 Countries
Advantages of Ocat Digital Marketing System
Frequently Asked Questions about Ocat Digital Marketing System(FAQ)
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