Content Marketing System

Ocat System  provides  Virtual Business Cards which can be used to distribute Banner Ads with Landing Pages of a business.


Virtual Business Cards are electronic formats of your paper business card that you see and share on your smartphone.

Virtual Card (vCard) is a part of Ocat Online Advertising System. It helps to distribute your business card with Online Advertisements (Banner Ads with Landing Pages).

vCard is an electronic business (or personal) card and also the name of an industry specification for the kind of communication exchange that is done on business or personal cards. Ocat Digital Marketing System helps to create vCard which will be distributed through Online Advertisements. Ocat vCard holder will help us to store other business cards for future use.

5 steps to get closer to Customers through Ocat vCard & Card Holder 

1). Register free Ocat Account

2). Create Online Business Card with vCard Holder

3). Publish Online Advertisements which will be automatically linked to vCard

4.  Share your Ocat vCard link


Content Marketing System

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